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About Us

Supporting the US, Accent-Tel USA's a full-service telecommunications company that caters to local and national commercial customers. Our phone specialists provide quality products and sales support. With our help, you get access to Norstar, Meridian, and Nortel products. We also have the skills to install and configure these products for you. As an alternative support company, we even sell replacement parts to keep our clients' Nortel systems operating correctly. Nortel products are reliable, long-lasting, and need little to no repairs after installation.


Your business is your business...It's our business to keep you in business.  What good is a NORTEL part at a great price when you still have to contract an installer.  We support what we sell and don't leave you guessing.  Our Pricing might look higher than most others but unlike the competition, we include installation anywhere in the USA 24 / 7 / 365, and ship right to your doorstep. Professional installation is included by one of our knowledgeable & courteous NORTEL Partner/Installers in your local area. We insure that all of our Partner/Installers are Licensed in the County or State where services are to be performed & carry the required business insurance coverage. This includes workers compensation as mandated by the county or state for the specified project.

Company Mission

You can always depend on us for repairs & support. Where the competition wants to SELL you new systems, our promise is to keep your NORTEL phones alive. Our mission is to insure that your company has a trusted advisor to support your end of life Nortel-Norstar-Meridian Telephones. We are always there for you.

Supporting You Every Time

When a telecommunication issue arises, our team is always ready to assist you. You can count on us to diagnose and resolve your phone problem. No matter if it's recommending a replacement (refurbished) part or installing a new system, we'll get the job done. We offer troubleshooting assistance to companies in a variety of industries, including:

  • Medical & Health Care
  • Legal
  • Customer Service

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