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Technical Repair Support in Tampa, FL

Your Dependable Repair Support in Tampa, FL

At Accent-Tel USA in Tampa, FL, we want to make sure your telecommunication products are always working. This is why we provide fast and dependable technical repair support when you need it. Our agents are trained to assist you with any task 24/7—from changing a simple feature button to ordering telephone replacement products and more. 

We offer repair support services in:

•Ethernet Cabling
•Structured Cabling
•Office Network Cabling
•Computer Network Cabling
•VoIP Cabling
•Office Building Wiring
•Category 5e and 6 Cabling
•Voice and Data Cabling
•LAN Cabling - Wiring

•Infrastructure Design
•Fiber Optic Cabling multimode and single mode
•Cable CCTV TV
•Cable Management Solution
•Telephone Room Cabling
•Communication & IT Room Build out
•Low Voltage Permit
•Cable Mangement Solution
•Cabling Certification

Troubleshooting & Support

Responding to your service call is one of our top priorities. This is why we offer a two-hour response time. By providing 24/7 customer support, we're able to resolve your problem when you need it most. We are eager for the opportunity to build a partnership with you, allowing your company a trusted industry leader to provide support, you can depend on for years to come.

Additionally, our agents want to help your business stay efficient and profitable. For this reason, our main initiative is to assist you with reducing downtime by providing business phone system that is easy to set up, configure and maintain. We understand that more “up time” yields happy customers. Providing service at your business location or remotely, we are always here to support you. We can seamlessly manage different processes from our location or yours. 

Increasing productivity is also one of our main objectives. For us, it is also about keeping long term relationships. We take pride in making as many customers happy as possible. You will always have a friendly support system to turn to.

On-Site Maintenance

Turn to our support team for answers. Our experts can come to your location to install, repair or configure your phone system anywhere in the USA. We charge a low, hourly rate plus the cost of the trip (if applicable) to assess and resolve your product issues on-site.

New System Sales

We can provide you a quote on a new communication systems and provide a trade in for existing out-of-service equipment. Take advantage of our Loyalty2Gether upgrade incentive, allowing your company strong incentives to upgrade to newer Avaya products and benefit from major discounts. Major trade-in rebates are also being provided by POLYCOM, also one of our industry partners.

Relocation Assistance

Are you moving or remodeling your office? If so, turn to our professionals for relocation assistance. We specialize in providing support services during and after you get settled in to a new office. Allow us to be your trusted source. After relocating your system, our technicians will update your feature buttons & will even re-train your staff on the use of your phones.

Insurance Claims

Get reimbursed by your insurance provider in case your equipment becomes damaged by an act of God. Our agents will work with you to file an insurance claim. This service is always recommended if your phone system or equipment are damaged by lightning, flooding or fire.

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